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Justina: The First Lady of GREENJACKETS

By Linda Anderson
(July 18, 1999)

[Another of our newest correspondents, Linda Anderson, introduces us to the Diva of WebTV - Justina! This lady is a co-moderator of an e-mail "Help List." She also has a website with a tutorial on HTML in addition to gifs, MIDIS, graphics, sounds and many more tools. If you are into games, she has those also and more!--ck]

The lady's name is Justina, aka justinalee1. According to the many followers in the e-mail help group she belongs to, she is known as their "Diva," their first lady of WebTV. She is faster at finding information for the group than most can believe. No matter what time of the day or the night, Justina seems to be on the job. She sacrifices so much of her free time to find a gif or a MIDI or to find out why someone's e-mail signature is not working right. No question is too big or small. Justina states, "There are no stupid questions."

In the GREENJACKETS Help List that Justina co-moderates, the owner, Anthony Rossi, thinks the world of her and of her help. He stated, "It used to be that members had to wait as long as a week before I could get back to them with answers to their questions. Now, with Justina's help, the answers can get to most people within 24 hours. Most times even less." This is amazing considering that there are over 200+ members on this list.

Justina not only has the ability to help as many people as she can, but she has a good attitude along with her knowledge. This is an asset when people need help. She has plenty of patience. If she can't find an answer to a question, she will search until she does. She even includes, in one of her many pages, an easy to understand HTML help page that most would consider adequately named: Heavenly Haven's House of HTML

HTML has become like a second language to Justina. The construction of her website has new WebTVers (she does not like the term newbie) in mind. She has worked hard and studied long to become well-versed in HTML.

Justina said that when she got her WebTV, she was lost, like all new WebTVers. She spent a lot of time surfing the Net and visiting websites and seeing all the great graphics in other people's e-mail. She just had to know how to do it. She doesn't remember how, but she stumbled onto Draac's gifs123, The Master of WebTV! It was there at Draac's school of HTML that she learned what HTML was and how to add it to her signature box. She said, "Everything I needed was at that one spot and boy was I excited when I made my first sig! Very kewl (Cool)!" Justina also thought how great it was that someone spent all that time to create a site for no other reason than just to help others. So starts her journey.

How and when did it begin? Well, it all started 9 months ago. Justina and her husband were undecided about when and if they were going to purchase a computer. Justina said, "I was getting impatient! I wanted access to the Internet!" She saw an ad or two for WebTV and decided one day to check it out. She made some calls and found out all she needed to know. She decided that it was a good, reasonably priced, and convenient way to access the Internet. "By the way," she went on to say, "I did NOT purchase my WebTV for enhanced televison viewing. As a matter of fact, what is a television? Oh yeah, it's that big box I use as a monitor to surf the net. LOL!"

Details in hand, she went to the nearest retailer who stocked WebTV. She made her purchase and home she went. By the time her husband got home that night, she was hooked up to the Internet and lost in cyberspace. This is where she has been ever since and she is loving every minute of it. She goes on to say, "Well, okay, almost every minute of it. It is a little slow at times, but hey, a slow web is better than no web!"

When I asked Justina what she liked most about her WebTV, she stated that she liked not only the affordability of the product, but also the features, and the convenience of sitting back and relaxing while she surfs the Net or works on her website. She prefers that to sitting in an uncomfortable chair at a computer desk hours at a time and getting cross-eyed from staring at the 15" monitor. She went on to say the thing she likes most about WebTV are the WebTV users. She has met some wonderful people on the World Wide Web. She has made friendships that she treasures as much as those in the "real" world. She has learned much from the people she has never met. They are always willing to lend a helping hand to a "new" WebTV user, whether it be through a helpful website, newsgroup, or a mailing list. She met many of her online friends through the onelist help groups. Justina is also one of the moderators for webtv_friends, another onelist help list.

In the beginning, it was just a few people here and there that would e-mail Justina. Then along came Tony Rossi, GREENJACKETS, and onelist. She received an e-mail from Tony inviting her to join his WebTV help list, so she did. According to Justina, mailing lists are a valuable source of information. "Great group of folks, lots of e-mail, lots of useful information, many questions, and hopefully many answers!" She says that, "We may not know all the answers, but we shoot for an 'A' in effort. If I or someone else does not know the answer, we would be happy to try and find it for you." Justina has an excellent tool site she created called, WebTV...HTML...Gifs...Midis And More.

Justina has found a creative outlet that she thoroughly enjoys. Her exact words were, "I have happily fallen into the Web, and have no desire to get out!" A few months back, she did finally purchase a computer. It isn't hooked up to the Internet and she is not in a hurry to hook it up. "Even when it is, I will be keeping my WebTV and it will continue to be the main source of access to the Internet and my home away from home on the WWW." Justina admits that she could probably create a website much easier using a computer, but "where is the fun, adventure and creativity in that?"

Justina enjoys designing new pages and learning HTML, JavaScript, tables, etc. She learns something new every time she signs onto the Internet. She loves her WebTV and would like to invite everyone to visit her site at AquaAngel's Heavenly Haven. She wants people to enjoy her home on the Web and hopefully find something useful for your e-mail or website. She wants everyone to know they can feel free to e-mail her if you have a question and she will be happy to try and help you.

This lady from Philidelphia loves music, animals (She does NOT love bugs...LOL), and gadgets. She loves country music...Marty Stuart to be specific. Both rottweilers and cats are the four-legged friends of her choice. She goes on to admit that she is good with electronic gadgets, and loves new toys. She also wanted to say that even though she has never met Dr. Draac, she wanted to take the opportunity to say, "Thank you, Dr. Draac, for your site, your hard work, and for sharing our knowledge with all of us."

[Community Editor's Notes: Well, Justina, we thank you also for the easy to follow tutorials on HTML! Your pages will help many users in the future! Your pages on your family were very heart warming!--ck]


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