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Christine is always...NEVR2L8!

(December 19, 1999)

[Meet Christine who has three homepages with pages and pages of links to fun and games, bars, lines and divider gifs, cooking, humor, poetry, IRC's, pets, music, WebTV help, illusions and just pure fun sites!--ck]

Hi everyone! Today is NEVR2L8 day! I asked NEVR2L8, aka Oz2u, aka Christine, where she first saw WebTV and she said on an infomercial on TV back in November, 1997. So the next day, she ran out and purchased one at Sears. Christine says she has been glued to the TV set ever since!

Christine said she got into HTML two weeks after buying the WebTV unit. She said she has learned most of her HTML from Draac's site. "I learned it before there was cut and paste." (Boy, can I relate to that!)

"My first homepage, The Zone, was completed the long and tedious way." She said she had lots of help from two good friends. "They gave me advice and 'how to' pointers. They also made banners for me since I didn't know how to at the time." The Zone has been up for about 18 months now. The hits on this page have reached 13,351!

The second home page site has been up for 18 months now, too and is called Oz2u's Links. "I didn't put a counter on it until four months ago but it has seen 2,218 hits since then."

Christine's bars and lines page is her pride and joy. "I got that page up near February, 1999. It's been up almost 9 months now. It has 28,202 hits on it." You can view that homepage here. It's 25 pages long and still growing according to Christine.

I asked Christine where she was from and she said, "The San Francisco Bay area of California...not far from Palo Alto." (Too bad she is not from there now...she could whap ole Leeky upside the head for us. LOL) Christine lived there for 45 years. Then, she moved to Houston, Texas a year ago and doesn't like it much!

Christine said she worked at Hewlett-Packard for 14 years. She did everything from "lapping to polishing wafers." The last 9 years of her job she was involved with shipping and receiving and some "finished goods work."

I asked her about chatrooms and newsgroups. She said, "I rarely go to chatrooms anymore. I had too much trouble in the ones I visited, so if I do go to chat, it's one-on-one with a friend in a private room! I frequent Net4TV chat often and mostly WebTV HTML groups. I have learned a lot from visiting the Net4TV pages, though!"

I asked Christine what her likes and dislikes about WebTV. She enjoys WebTV because it keeps her in touch with friends. "It remembers where I was if I get disconnected and it is so easy to use." (It's easier than making toast, in my opinion). Christine also likes helping people with HTML "and anything else I can." Now for the dislikes, Christine said, "I hate the reply all key." (I despise it myself). "I hate how slow WebTV has been the last month." (Yeah, slower than molasses on a January morning). "Also, it is hard to connect. There are false red lights and beep beeps! I just wish WebTV would shut down entirely for upgrades. I don't like how tough it is to get in touch with people at WebTV." (Those people at WebTV are touched alright).

Christine had some advice for newbies. "Just like real life, you meet weirdos on the web...just be cautious! Go to newsgroups to learn and meet great people. Don't use the dang 'reply all' key and have loads of fun!"

Christine has had 67,687 e-mails from this addy alone. "I get about 75-150 e-mails a day...way down from 300+ a day. I got rid of all the 'reply all' people. I mail back and forth to about 6 close friends." And most of all, she loves to help people with HTML but tires of those that don't want to learn on their own!

[Community Editor's Notes: Christine, your pages showed your hard work and dedication! I had a ball playing in the fun and games sites. Your sites on pets were informative. Lovely poetry! Loved your animated golfer and tennis player. Oh, also some serious read that I enjoyed about the moon and much more!--ck]


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