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Privacy Policy
If your privacy matters to you (and it should), you should know how any information that you supply to any site will be used. This will explain why we ask for some information, and our policy on its use.

The Information We'd Like to Know, and Why

WebTV, and the Internet on TV in general, is a brand new phenomenon. It's obvious from their pronouncements that the "industry experts" have little understanding of who we users are or why and how we're using the Internet on TV.

We're very curious about your feelings and experience, and you're probably curious, too, about how your experience is reflected with our fellow users. The primary reason that we collect information is to be able to survey the user base and report the results in Net4TV Voice.

From time to time, we may ask you to share with us something about where you live, your age group, the type of job you have, or some other personal information. You are always free to decide, of course, what you would like to share and what you would not. If you do, we use this to get a more precise view of different types of users and what they like -- for example, "40% of the users under 45 like this, but only 20% of the users over 45 are interested in it."

We also use the information ourselves to find out which parts of our site are popular and with whom so that we can make it a better experience for you.

Our Privacy Policy and Commitments

1. We keep all information that you share with us confidential, and do not sell or share in any way any personal information about any of our users. We may report trends and/or quote our users' comments, but we will not do so in a way that identifies any individual user without that user's specific permission.

2. We hate spam, and do not do mass mailings. Any email that you receive from us will be either one of our editors writing to you on an individual basis, or from a mailing list that you've requested that you be added to (and from which you may remove yourself at any time). We also may use an auto-responder in certain sections to let you know that your input has been received.

3. We do not sell product or services from this site, and therefore have no reason to ever ask you for credit card information, Social Security numbers, PIN numbers, your mother's maiden name, or any other personal transaction-related data. If you ever receive any email that appears to come from us asking for such information, please forward it to AND to our abuse account. Only WebTV Networks is capable of seeing the routing in WebTV-received email, so forwarding to both is important; we alone will not have enough information from the forwarded mail to trace past forged headers.

4. If you have any questions regarding our use of information or other privacy issues, please write to us.

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