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Better Homes and Websites
Web Writers

By Rogi Riverstone
(May 24, 2001)

Used to be, if a writer wanted readers, the options were daunting. One could hobnob with the right "circles." One could plunk down a wad of cash at a printer's and try to hustle a book one's self. One could endure miles of rejection notices. One still can.

With the advent of the internet and a few lessons in HTML, a writer can, these days, broadcast throughout the world for little or no money.

One thing never changes, however. Writing is hard work. Putting one's self out there to be scrutinized by total strangers is agony. Here are some pages built by both original writers and by those who've come across writing that inspired and motivated them.

Log Cabin Stories by Anita
How does someone who is essentially shy start to write about herself on a personal level to an unknown audience?
"I have had a yearning to write stories for a very long time but, sadly, as the years drifted by, I never pursued those desires. Life has a way of throwing curves at you and little by little, those desires melt slowly away. It then, just becomes a fleeting notion or thought and is quickly buried. But, somehow, it never really dies. As time marches on, and those life crisis dim and time becomes more available, as children grow older, that dim little flicker becomes brighter and brighter and as I use the medium of the internet for the transport of those long buried stories and as, those long forgotten stories come to life, I hope and pray, that you, as the reader would be blessed by them."
Anita had always wanted to write, and has found her voice on the Web with an absolutely wonderful collection of her original stories. Not only is this a "Better Home," but some better reading, too!

Internet Poetry Society
Are you a poet? Creative writer? Just like to write about anything? If you've got a creative muse and you'd like to read and write with a wonderful community of WebTV'ers and other creative netizens, you may want to join the IPS and see just how creative you can be!

FancyLadyRider's Homepage
This site has some of the cutest poems you'll find on the Internet. For instance, "I Don't Do Mornings", "I'm Not Addicted!", "Golden Years", "Gonna Live With My Son", and "I Think I Lost My Mind". You will also find poems on friendship, Teddy Bears, animals, inspiration and angels.

Heaven Sent Words of Comfort
"This website is a collection of grief poetry that I found to be comforting in dealing with the sudden loss of my brother, Tom, whom died in a workplace accident on August 6, 1996. Along with the poems, I have used photos and graphics as a Celebration of his Life. My hope, is that, you too, will find comfort here."
For anyone who has lost a dear friend or loved one, we think you will find comfort here.

Just One More Chance
"This is my second attempt to draw your attention!!
Now if you've already seen my first attempt, I risk losing you right here!!
BUT, if you have any idea how hard it is to be a sixty year old woman beating her brains out to make a place for herself on the internet, you'll at least try to make it through the intro page!
If you're under forty, I feel you should appease me out of respect for (as your Mother would say) your elder. If you're OVER forty, then I suggest that you consider, that one of these days you're going to want some kudos of your own for the success in your life, (and I assure you that time WILL come!) and you will read my stories out of pity. Make no mistake, I DO want your pity!"
Despite what the horticulturists say, Buckeyes DO grow in Florida. The stories on this website are about children and adults from another time and place. They're warm and funny and will make you laugh. The author's role model was Erma Bombeck, and it shows in her stories.[Ed. Note: This "buckeye" is one of the newest writers for Voice.]

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