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LeFantome Marries His Angelique!

By Carol Vidanoff
(May 24, 2001)

[It was meant to be...a cyber wedding, and here is the first hand account of this amazing event as told by Carol Vid and the groom!--ck]

What a glorious thing...a wedding...a cyber wedding...and on an IRC. Can you believe it? Yes, it is true. Our LeFantome (Bill) has legally married, via cyberspace, his Angelique, (Dee)!!!

What a fine time and place to do it, online, where they both met. It is a dream story and it is proof that true love can exist in your heart. It goes to prove time and time again, that the spoken word can convey the real you. Well, on this glorious night, April 28, 2001, at 9 p.m., we, the invited guests, witnessed the marriage of these two utterly wonderful human beings. Come with me...let me take you through my mind's eye, as if you were there.

It would be most fitting to tell you the tale of the romance; to allow you to see what started this happening, how it ran, and how we got to this point. I am going to let our groom, LeFantome, tell you right now.

"Once upon a time (all good stories start with that), a young girl from California, named Starla, aka Jodi, happened upon my "Le Fantome's" website and wanted to secure an award for her site. Along the way, she read my bio on my site. After I gave Starla my award of excellence for her site, she began to talk to me about a woman whom she felt was just perfect for me from Kansas. She asked me if she could give her my e-mail address and I agreed."

"Dee and I began talking to each other via e-mail and chatrooms after that for the next 3-4 months. I invited her down to Dallas for New Years and she came down. A good relationship had begun by that time, also. I felt she was right for me and asked her about marriage one night on the shores of White Rock Lake in Dallas. Shortly afterward, she fell ill and had to be hospitalized for a week in Dallas. I helped nurse her back to health before sending her back to Kansas later in the month."

"Six months later, I moved to Kansas to be with Dee. Later, my daughter, Dawn, moved there to stay with Dee for the next 18 months. It appeared to not be working out. We left and went back to Texas in October of 2000. I had never been happier in my life than while I was there with Dee in Kansas."

"We continued to chat in e-mail and on instant messenger for the next few months. In February, I went to help move Dawn back to Texas. It became obvious that Dee had missed me much more than we both realized and I had missed her terribly as well. There were a lot of tears. Shortly after that, she agreed to be married and move with me to Texas; that way, we would be equidistant from our kids and grandkids. We both are starting a new life and need time to ourselves to begin this new life. Soon, that life will begin."

Ah, love. The supreme feeling of a human being's life time, and, I suppose you think it novel. I do...that such a thing could happen. And why not? They met why not marry on-line? A grand idea!!! I know Bill had to encourage Dee as she was hesitant at first, but, as I am about to tell you, it really did happen!!!!

We were all invited via INVITATION TO THE WEDDING. We were hailed to arrive around 9 p.m. EST, and consecutive hours as the time zones called for. Many WebTV Pals were there laughing, crying and giving out more tissues than a tissue maker could imagine. Dee, a nervous bride, and Bill, the nervous groom were watching as the guests all entered the IRC. Now, if you are or are not familiar with an IRC, sometimes it times you out and you have to reconnect. There was much of that going on as well. We also had some drop ins from cyberland who were basically curious, and even offered congratulations. It was delovely!!!! We had a hard time containing ourselves, 'til finally the Reverend Joezie began the ceremony. Scripture was taken from the New Testament, so beautifully chosen, and Bill's daughter, Kristina, so proud, and Sandi, both offered up such lovely poetry to toast the couple.

You might be wondering how the minister was secured. Bill said, "Rev Joezie and his wife, Shawnee, have been cyber friends of ours for about 3 yrs. They first e-mailed my daughter, Dena, and then later, myself. I did an Article on the Reverend for Voice about a year ago. When I thought of an officiate for the ceremony, I first thought of Mayor (, the unofficial Mayor of WebTV Land. Steve was out of town, so I talked to Rev. Joezie Hickman, who is a licensed pastor in Ohio. He was delighted to do the wedding and offfers a bit of legitimacy to the ceremony, also. He is sending, via snail mail, the certificate to us."

The vows were said one partner at a time which were written for the new century couple vowing to listen, to communicate, to uphold when sick, to take care of and, pledging their love and loyalty. I get tingles in my right leg just now thinking about it. As I was telling you before, we had visitors, so the ceremony was slowly, but so beautifully done, one line typed at a time by all the involved participants. We, the guests, sat quietly and watched as Bill and Dee typed their vows to each other.... you almost could feel as if you were in church with them...the love was abundant.

Finally...pronounced man and wife. There were cheers and pop-ups from everyone. (Pop ups are programmed statements into an IRC...such as hugs, kisses, yee haw...yes...yee haw)! Everyone rejoicing at the happiness of the couple and the joy of the event. All of this on-line. The perfect way for two who met on-line to get hitched!!! Amazing, is it not??

Particularly moving were some of Bill's programmed pop-ups, such as "his lower lip quivering" as Dee typed her vows. Resplendent in his gold top hat and mask, accepting the lovely Angelique as his forever love...people began typing in their wedding gifts. The customary four toasters were given. (But, of course, it would not be a real wedding if they had not been...LOL) I offered a trip to the Virgin Islands, staying at the Hilton and a thousand dollars. Dudette had a nifty specialty item to offer...and all were having a royal ball cyberly. Such a good time!!!

We then got to the garter toss. Our own Dex caught it, much as he tried to duck...and the bridal bouquet was caught by Merry from the WebTV-Pals. The catches were determined by who posted first after the bride and groom typed THREE!!! Such jolly good fun. Such complete happiness...kisses all around...hugs...good wishes...and all of this LEGAL, mind you. A marriage license was being put into the mail as we all typed. Bill mentioned his part was on video. Dee was on a computer, still arranging her life to come to Texas with Bill, from Kansas. Now, that will be a grand day in about two weeks, so, make that honeymoon somewhere around May 12th!! We all joked about the honeymoon, you can be sure. No video on that, though. PRIVATE!!!

So, our man, LeFantome, who most of you know, is part of our Net4TV staff, and his lovely Dee, are now man and wife!!! Joy, happiness, and boundless contentment forever to two of the biggest hearts on the web, united as one, together forever, until death they so part!!! Lookee...even a marriage certificate: BILL AND DEE'S MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE!!

Makes you think, doesn't it? Maybe YOU should be joining a yahoo group and meet people. L@@king for someone??? Ya just never know where they could be, you know, they could be right here on the li'l ol' web. Why not take a chance? The romances of so many happen here. This just happens to be the fairy tale ending and reality beginning of Bill and Dee. Now...when can we write YOUR happy ending???

Congrats to Bill and Dee. Two finer folks you will never meet. Happiness always complete and, a lovely beginning for a forever love story that was meant to be!!!!

A peak at what it looked like to be at the wedding - just for you all - a vidcap of the IRC!!!

Also, for your viewing pleasure...this was our invitation...and, secondly, some POETRY picked by the bride.

For a full personal accounting from his own bio, read LeFantome's own page, entitled BILL'S BIO.

The Wedding Poem given by Kristina, Bill's daughter, is so beautiful. May I share it with you all?

Wedding Poem - Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow
by Kit McCallum

Cherished are the memories that
Brought us to this day,
For yesterday, was just a dream
A wish to contemplate.
A fantasy where in my mind,
A fleeting glimpse I'd see ...
A vision of the true desires
I longed for endlessly.
And when I dreamed, I did not know
The love I'd feel today;
The height of my true feelings,
And the depths they would portray.
And if I had one wish today,
A simple wish t'would be ...
Is that the love we feel this moment,
Lasts eternally.
Reality has merged now
As you stand here by my side;
And as I join your hand in mine,
My heart does fill with pride.
For as I pledge my love to you,
I see in many ways,
Reflections of my love for you
Are mirrored in your gaze.
And by our presence here today,
And for the love we share,
I thank you for our yesterdays
That brought us to be here.
But more than this, I vow to you,
My wishes yet to come ...
Tomorrow's dreams and fantasies,
This day that we are one.
Tomorrow's an adventure
That we'll share together now;
Our future's intertwined forever,
Through this holy vow.
I promise to remember
In the future years and days,
The love I feel for you this moment
Dreams fulfilled today.
For in the coming years as we
Move on, and reminisce,
Back to the day I stood with you,
And promised with a kiss ...
That blessed are the days that
I have looked into your eyes,
And felt the warmth and love
The essence of our lives.


Yesterday we dreamed of what might be;
Today we validate our love;
And tomorrow we will cherish the
life we have shared as one.

I hope you have enjoyed our walk through LeFantome and Angelique's new world. May your world be as beautiful and blessed as theirs!!!

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