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Mother Nature's Magic

By Morgaine O'Faery
(May 24, 2001)

Long ago and far away across the Misty Sea, on a distant fairy isle, Mother Nature made her home deep in the heart of the Fantasy Forest. She had been given the task of changing the Earth and all that was in it with each new season. In the Spring, each new leaf had to be colored and carefully cut out, and pasted to the bare branches of the winter trees. Each bud must be carefully placed on each of the plants so that it could open into a flower. Every sprig of grass must be painted the exact shade of green for the place on the earth where it was to grow. The colors of the sky had to be adjusted, and the length of the days and nights also required alteration.

For centuries, while the stars moved in their courses, and the universe was at peace with itself, Mother Nature managed to make all these changes with her own two busy hands.

And then came the year of the "Dragon's Tears." That year, the dragon ladies shed so many forgetful tears that even Mother Nature had a hard time remembering what it was she needed to do! She needed help. So she sorted through the yellow leaves, where, the previous autumn, she had listed the whereabouts of possible helpers for the Spring redecoration of the world.

She remembered that the good green fairy had a remarkable device she used to communicate with the other dwellers in the faerie realm. So, Mother Nature wrote a note to the good green fairy on a big yellow leaf. Then she took a deep breath, placed the leaf on the palm of her hand, pursed her lips, and blew the leaf note off toward the hollow tree where the good green fairy made her home.

The leaf swirled and dipped on the currents of the wind until it dipped too far toward the earth. It landed on the shell of a slowly traveling snail. The snail carried the leaf along quite well until he began to go up a hill. Then the leaf fell off, and lay in the moist earth. A curious earthworm popped up his head and inched his way onto the leaf to read the message. Alas, this was not to be.

A robin, who just happened to be making an air express delivery in the area, spotted the earthworm on the leaf. Quick as a flash, the robin swooped down and scooped up the leaf, earthworm and all, into his beak. As the robin flew on, he noticed the address on the leaf note. Of course, he had to read it with his eyes crossed, but he was able to see that it was addressed to the good green fairy. So he decided it would be prudent and profitable to deliver it the rest of the way via air express and collect a handsome fee. His motto was, "FLY LIKE A ROBIN AND CHARGE LIKE A RHINO."

When the robin reached the good green fairy's hollow tree home, two things happened. The earthworm dropped off the leaf and inched his way back into the moist earth, and the good green fairy gave the robin a sachet bag of birdseed for delivering the message. The robin was not much pleased with this turn of events, but the earthworm was much relieved. The good green fairy took out her reading glasses and read Mother Nature's Note.

Then the good green fairy took out her trusty webbie. She sent an e-mail to so many addressees that it was returned to her as "SPAM." She also received a warning letter from her e-mail service provider. So, rather than lose the use of her webbie altogether, the good green fairy ccp'd her urgent call for help to 43,947 separate e-mails. Fortunately, she remembered to have the replies addressed to the "Helpers Group," and to put herself on "Digest," so that she would be sure to see the replies to her message instead of having them bounce all over cyber space like ping pong balls. She really didn't want to go flying through cyber space with a butterfly net to recapture those reply messages.

Within an hour, all the fairies, elves, and gnomes had responded to her urgent call for help. Within two hours, birds and bees and butterflies had responded. By the end of the third hour, the four-legged denizens of the "Fantasy Forest" had also offered to help. Best of all, the Queen Dragon had offered her transport service for Mother Nature's use. The Queen Dragon, herself, would be Mother Nature's private air transport. All in all, 43,946 responses were received. The only one who did not reply was the "Terrible Troll" who lived under the bridge. No one wanted to work with the Troll, anyway, so he wouldn't be missed.

At the end of the third hour after the urgent call for help had gone out on the good green fairy's webbie, all the helper volunteers had converged on the clearing where the good green fairy's hollow tree stood. Paintbrushes were passed around, leaves and buds and flower petals were painted. Mother Nature stood on the Queen Dragon's back, and repainted the sky the color of Spring.

Some of the elves went by dragon transport to paste the leaves on some of the trees. Birds dipped their feathers in the paint pots and flew off to leave a shower of colorful wildflowers on the meadows and beside the roadways. Bees and butterflies breathed green aerosol paints over the mosses, ferns and grasses. Fairies flew over the flower gardens all over the world to paint the flower buds and petals.

Finally, all that was left to be done was the re-setting of the "Universal Seasons Clock" which governed the length of the days for each season. Mother Nature tried, but the hands were stuck on WINTER. The good green fairy tried. She jumped up and down on the hands, but even though she was a very fat fairy, the hands did not move. A flock of other fairies joined her. The hands remained stuck. Some of the elves and gnomes rigged up a pulley device from the strongest of spider silk. The four legged creatures heaved and hauled on the pulleys, but to no avail.

The hands of the "Universal Seasons Clock" were rusted in place from all the dragon tears. Those hands did not move a millisecond. Would "WINTER DAYS" govern the Spring? Everyone was upset. The magic of their hard work to paint the world of Spring would not work if those hands did not move. Then Mother Nature asked the good green fairy to ask the "Terrible Troll" for help. She had her send this message: "PLEASE help us set the 'Universal Seasons Clock.' Thank you so much. Mother Nature."

The good green fairy sent the message to the "Troll." But it was the rush hour on the web, and the minutes ticked by, and by, and by! Then the little red light on the front of the webbie flickered! A message flashed onto the screen. It said, "Here I come to save the day! 'Trollie Troll' is on the way!" Almost at that same minute, the "Terrible Troll" showed up. He was gasping, and out of breath, but clutched in his hand was his trusty can of "WD40 MAGIC!" Well, gentle readers, that "Terrible Troll" climbed up that "Universal Seasons Clock" and sprayed those rusted, stuck, hands with "WD40 Magic" THREE times.

Then the fairies jumped up and down on the hands, the elves and gnomes monitored the pulleys, the Troll helped the 4 footed creatures to pull, and the bees and butterflies and birds cheered them on. The hands of the "Universal Seasons Clock" spun smoothly around to Spring and Mother Nature's Magic had once more brought about the changes of the Spring Season.

Then the good green fairy used her webbie to post this story on the Spider Web dot com. What was the magic that made it happen in the end? Mother Nature used the magic words, "Please, and Thank You." These words work wonderful magic, even with Trolls.

The End

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