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Friendly Conversation with Chattie Kathie

By themamabear
(May 24, 2001)

[This webpage is rich in Native American history. The site owner also depicts life in the Santa Catalinas with pictures and links to sites in reference to this area. Be sure to check out the vibrant pictures.--ck]

When I broached the subject of an interview with Kathie, her response was, "LOL!!! Who? Me?!!! What ever for? Pretty dull gal, and not all that bright either. I'm not interesting, but I think other people are. I'm pretty darn ordinary (on my GOOD days)!!" Determined that she should be my first interviewee, I enlisted her hubby, Bob, (Chieftain), to twist her arm. His reply was a word picture of her. "Kat's out checking on a mare that's with foal. She pretty much has always managed to be Captain of her own ship. I can probably get her to agree, but she really doesn't believe she's worthy of attention. Here she comes. I see the flashlight. Oh, gosh! She's toting a handful of kittens!"

She and Bob have five children of their own, three adopted and several foster children, all grown. They live outside Tucson, Arizona, above the foothills in the Santa Catalina mountain area. Kat enjoys walking and riding horses in the mountains and canyons. She owned and operated a nursery and childcare center in Tucson for over 20 years. She says she had too much time on her hands after retirement. "I'm not artistically inclined, but I do enjoy writing short stories and poems which is why my LBB was an invaluable gift."

She received her first WebTV in December 1997, as a birthday/Christmas gift from her youngest son. He also chose her user name. She says, "I would have chosen Chieftain's Lady. The first 6 to 8 months after I got online, all I did was research our families. After locating more living relatives than I really cared to, I replied to a 'Reply All' of someone I didn't even know. Thus, my 'buddy list' was born. This was much more interactive and fun, so, I gradually weaned myself from most of the family research and started to learn what this LBB was really good for. Next, of course, came the website."

When she began the website, she got a new PM Plus from Sears. Another son fell heir to the old Classic and still uses it daily. She says, "I learned HTML from everywhere. It was easy. I cannot grasp complicated tutorials when I'm in uncharted waters, so I learned from news groups, individuals, and Draac's. I have learned most of what I now know in the past few months, mostly from the members of the WTV-Zone. My over all experience with WebTV has been a very positive one, especially since moving everything I have online to the Zone. I feel that this is a fertile environment for learning and best of all, I feel very secure, finally, as a WebTVer."

Kathie's first website was created after she learned in April, 1999, that her niece, Misty, had breast cancer. She wanted a website where Misty could share her thoughts and where people would get to know her. Kat and Bob got a WebTV for her, and created the first two pages of the website, which was named for their real home, Catalina Shadows Hacienda.

A short synopsis of their lives was composed on the homepage, then they concentrated on Misty's story. In her brief time on WebTV, Misty made hundreds of friends. She passed away on Jan 19, 2000, at age 26. Misty's pages have been retired at the family's request.

The present site depicts life in the Santa Catalinas, the archeological history of the area, and of cowboy life. There are many stunning pictures and links to other sites related to the area. Kathie is very proud of her Native American heritage, and has since built Kathie's Native Home.

In the future, she plans to be involved with her husband's soon-to-be-launched website, which will feature the childproof medicine-gun safe he has built and patented.

Ordinary? Dull? Not interesting? Not artistic? Au contraire!! This modest, self-effacing lady has not only built a most interesting site, but she is an extraordinary person, who is warm, generous, loving, and caring more for everything and everyone than for herself.


[Community Editor's Notes: And we quite agree that Kathie is a special lady. The work on the webpage is quite distinct! It is a great read on Native Americans! Great job!--ck]

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