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Meet Herb Amberg (HTML46)

By Irish Godfather
(May 24, 2001)

His name is Herb Amberg and he lives in upstate New York. Herb has been married to his lovely wife, Roberta, for 21 years. Herb's nic is HTML46. When he first signed on with WebTV and had to pick a user name, nothing worked. So what he wound up with, he never liked. Later on, as he got interested in HTML, Herb decided to use HTML and his birth year for a nic. Hence...HTML46.

Herb has been a cross country tractor/trailer driver and most recently, he has been driving a smaller truck delivering all over the east coast from Florida to Maine and west to Detroit, Michigan.

Herb loves Nascar and Winston cup racing, and the Bush series. He collects sports cards and autographed photos for a hobby. Being in every state in the USA, and the last 10 years all over the east, has given him a wonderful chance to meet some really great people and obtain some really nice autographs.

Herb bought his first WebTV Classic in March of 1999. It was the older Sony Classic. He now has the newer Sony Plus.

After about 5 months, all Herb was doing with it was web surfing and exchanging e-mail. Herb kept asking himself if this was all there was to the unit. Then, he met his mentor, Jim Haugen, who lives in Boise, Idaho. This man spent hours teaching him things like e-mail signatures, transloading, getting his own webpage and server. Jim was the overall biggest influence on Herb learning about HTML and the web. "What I did not learn from him, I picked up on my own by looking at others work and paying attention. He introduced me to Draac's, Lady O's, Star Blvd., Owens 4 tools and many other great places. I am in awe of much better sites than my own, and hope to someday be as good at this as they are."

Herb's favorite place to go for working with images was Owens 4 Tools. So much can be learned from this site. Herb still goes there and is still learning new things from there.

Herb started building a tool site because he wanted his own tool page and was not really interested if it became popular or not. But he has met an awful lot of good people because of this site. As for his links, they were made for the same reason. But, as time went on, he realized that others were benefiting from his pages. Herb started to gain more interest in doing better with it. Herb was getting a sense of pride that other's appreciated his work.

Herb has learned a lot from belonging to the Expert_HTML group and from its knowledgeable members. Herb's web pages started off being located on Tripod and then moved to Geocities until October of 2000. "Now my pages are located with the Zone and this was the best move I have ever made."

The only plans he has for HTML46's Tools and Links, are to keep helping the WebTV community by having great links that they can learn from and the tools with which to build them with.

When Herb's not working with his site, he's usually hanging around a fairly new help group. The HELP_at_WEBTV group is a new group dedicated to helping the WebTVers mainly.

Herb thinks WebTV overall is doing a fine job. He just would like to see WebTV test their upgrades longer and more thoroughly. "That they would not release these upgrades before all the bugs are taken care of." Herb's Sony took the upgrade fairly well, but he knows a lot of WebTV subscribers who were and are still having problems from this last upgrade.

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