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Captain Cutlass: A Pirate Site!

By Morgaine O'Faery
(May 24, 2001)

[Here is a fine nautical site full of pirate ships, films, port of calls and flags. Quite a unique collection of nautical pictures.--ck]

Captain Cutlass lives in the city of Virginia Beach with his soulmate, Morningstar. He works as a Maintenance Supervisor for the apartment community where they live. He says, "I guess I chose this line of work because it has allowed me to remain close to Morningstar. Also I rather enjoy working with my hands and interacting with people. This work gives me the chance to do that."

The Captain likes to spend some of his leisure time riding one of his bicycles when weather permits. He enjoys surfing the web or playing a video game when it doesn't. His wife recently bought him a pool cue which he says he is "beginning to break-in - Oh Yeah!" They have several fish tanks with saltwater and tropical fish and a cat who just celebrated her twentieth birthday.

The Captain and his lady purchased their first WebTV at Sears two years ago. They bought it primarily for use in communicating with their sea going son. The Captain says, "We didn't want to buy a computer just to use e-mail and WebTV seemed like the best alternative, so we ended up buying the Sony Classic version." The Captain spent many hours just surfing the web and was amazed at the variety of subjects available online.

He says that he learned to use HTML by "looking at the source codes of webpages and then it became just a matter of trial and error with using the different codes." He started out building his first webpage on the WebTV pagebuilder. At first, he says, "I liked the simplicity of the system, but after a short time I found it to be a very slow and narrow process." Later he decided to try and build his webpage at Geocities instead.

The Captain continues to use the WebTV for e-mail, just surfing the net, and for making changes to his webpage. He says, "We finally bought a computer about a year ago. But I find myself still spending more of my online time on the WebTV rather than the computer. I guess I'm still hooked on the simplicity of it."

Captain Cutlass built his site around the subject of piracy on the high seas. It has information and images of pirates, flags, ships and films. He has included a few related poems and an area with some of his favorite mermaid images.

There is also a biography section with information about some of the more famous pirates in history. Just recently the Captain has added a page about the old sea shanties. Visitors will also find links to many of the best pirate, nautical, and related websites that Captain Cutlass has found.

The Captain says, "I began building my webpage at first in part to help myself learn HTML. I have always been fascinated with pirates since I was a child. After surfing the net for hours and finding little in the way of information and images, I really felt that this was a good subject area for the focus of my webpage and also to share my interest in piracy with others." You will find all this and more on Captain Cutlass's Pirate Page.

The Captain says that "WebTV has truly helped us deal with the months of separation from our son which we have endured over the last couple of years." He has been able to meet some great people through the WebTV that he would not have met otherwise. The Captain added, "I also would probably not have built my webpage or learned about many other things without WebTV."

Captain Cutlass mentioned the three things he likes most about WebTV. "The first is that it's so easy to use for this old Sea Dog. The second is since I'm using my 27 inch TV screen, it is easier to read things. The third thing is that I don't seem to get kicked offline as often as I do on the computer. And when it happens, at least I can come back where I left off instead of having to start all over again like on the computer."

The three things he likes least are that it can be VERY SLOW loading pages. The second thing is that it cannot read some of the JavaScript codes, so there are sites that just will not load up or worse will shut his WebTV off. He says, "Try accessing if you're in the mood for some serious frustration." Lastly, how things look on the WebTV can be very different from how they look on a computer. When he looked at the webpage that he had built using WebTV, he found that the graphics didn't align with the text like on the WebTV. And the links that had worked on WebTV didn't work on the computer. He is currently working on these problems.

New features Captain Cutlass would like to see on WebTV are a place to link images for e-mail signatures so that we don't have to go outside the system for this. And he thinks it would be nice if PageBuilder had more advanced options like a file type system to work from, like Angelfire, Geocities, etc. "It could speed things up for those of us working on large sites," he adds.

The Captain says, "I'm very honored that you have chosen my website to write about. I sincerely hope you enjoy it."

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[Community Editor's Notes: What a fine seaworthy page. What fun and the music was enticing!--ck]

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