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Community Feature
The Nature of Sherrycat

By Beverly Bishop
(May 24, 2001)

[Are you a lover of nature? Do you enjoy the company of felines? Are you looking for some backgrounds, gifs, or colors? Well, this user has quite a bit for your enjoyment in her webpages! There are at least 13 pages here. Be sure to stay awhile!--ck]

I recently met a lovely lady by the name of Sharon Richards, known as Sherrycat on the web. She told me that she is from New Hampshire and is originally from Vermont.

Sherry works in retail right now, as a jewelry manager for Service Merchandise. She has a love for nature photography, as you can see in some of her pages, and she also takes a lot of pictures of her cats. She loves to read horror, sci fi, and fantasy. She also enjoys crafts, mostly making beaded jewelry, in addition to enjoying fishing, when she can find the time.

Sherry became interested in WebTV as she sold electronics, and was curious since many of her customers came back to tell her how much they loved their WebTV. So, when she received a bonus, she gave WebTV a chance.

The first thing she did when she went on the web was read every help link she could, and kept her "WebTV For Dummies" book nearby. Then she checked out all the cat and photo links she could find.

She began her web building adventures by checking out Draac's School for HTML. She told me, "The lessons are very easy to understand and along the way, I discovered many more HTML pages, fantastic for beginners, and advanced HTML."

Now, I asked her how she decided on what she was going to put on her website, and she told me, "Someone at a discuss group from Cat Fancy Magazine web site, asked me about my cats websites. I didn't have one at the time. So off I went to page builder. I started with my four cats pages and some personal pages. Photos came next. I have about 13 pages of cat and nature photo's. With the help and support of some great people at Home Page Opinions newsgroup, I now have some HTML help pages and links pages. My new page is called Sherrycat's Home Page Decorating Supplies with a collection of backgrounds found on the web."

Sherry is planning to add a collection of lines and gifs as well as making her own personal backgrounds for WebTV users. She has also been playing with the idea for a photo tips page.

Sherry's favorite surfing spots are HPO,, and other WebTV user sites. She added, "I'm always looking for a great cat site."

I asked her what she liked and disliked about WebTV, and she said, "I love the wireless keyboard and not sitting at a desk to surf. People I've met are wonderful and very helpful. I've made some great friends from all over the world. I also get a lot of pleasure helping people. I guess the only thing I don't like is the speed of WebTV ... and there are some sites out there that are not WebTV friendly. I may get a computer some day, but I'll never give up my WebTV!" She told me that she would love to see a spell check and midi storage in page builder, and some of the perks that are offered on other page building sites.

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[Community Editor's Notes: We were just delighted to find that you were such a cat lover. There are so many readers who love to browse such pages and photos of cats such as yours. What a fun and jovial page. Those cats of yours were so cute! The nature photos were excellent!--ck]

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