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September 11, 2001

By Brian C. Bock & Laura Buddine
(September 13, 2001)

Dear Friends,

The events of this week have left us bereft, and nearly speechless as we have watched acts of terrorism unfold, and then give way to acts of valor, human compassion, and bravery. Net4TV Voice will be updated this weekend in honor of those whose lives ended far too soon, those who were left behind, and those who risked their lives in protection of others. We will invite you to share your feelings, insights, and inspirations with us and with others, who like us, are looking for comfort, for inspiration, and for hope that tomorrow will be better.

While September 11, 2001, will forever be known as the day America held its breath as profound acts of terror struck us in our heartland, the days that follow shall be a testament to America’s character, and our determination to be free from tyranny.

We pray that we have the strength to call upon our better angels and ministers of grace and internal wellsprings of humanity to guide us in the coming days. We hope to find the compassion we need as we face the terror together so that we may overcome it, and bring those who perpetuate it to justice. We are Americans. We will survive, forever changed, but hopefully stronger, and more resolved not to be denied the freedom that has become the birthright of all Americans.

Brian C. Bock
(Dexter Davenport)
Net4TV Voice
Laura Buddine
Net4TV Voice

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