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Question of the Week:
Has the WebTV brand run its course?

Poll--WebTV Report Card: Does It Make the Grade?
In 1998 and 1999, we conducted WebTV Report Card polls, where we asked WebTV users to grade the software, the service, future possibilities, and rank how important each aspect was to you personally.

Now, 18 months since our last poll, we'd like to see how well WebTV is measuring up and whether the grades have changed. Please take our WebTV Report Card poll, and tell your friends about it so they can grade WebTV, too! Take the Poll!

VoxPop Columns
Our readers share their views on Dudette's idea of paying a dime to play a game or read a magazine article. Some see it as a good idea for which the time has come. Others see it as a big mistake. Also, our readers tell us how the Internet has changed them.

QOW: How Should HP and WebTV Handle the e-Scanner Problems?
Hewlett Packard designed and marketed a scanner designed for WebTV Plus units. Unfortunately, some users have reported that the scanners caused their WebTV units to die, or the scanner stopped working. We asked our readers what should HP and WebTV do about the problem.

We read our mail, answer some questions, but mostly hear how mad or upset everyone is about Tripod deleting their sites.

Poll--WebTV Report Card: Does It Make the Grade?
  • QOW: HP and the Escanner
    Our readers responded when we asked what they thought about how HP and WebTV handled the e-Scanner problems. [04/01/01]
QOW: How Should HP and WebTV Handle the e-Scanner Problems?
  • Limited Market for WebTV? Readers Respond pt. 1
    We received a ton of mail related to Dudette's column taking issue with WebTV coming to an end because of Microsoft's perception that there is a limited market for IonTV. Our readers agree, for the most part. [04/08/01]
  • Limited Market for WebTV? Readers Respond pt. 2
    Readers tend to agree that there is a market for WebTV, if only Microsoft would see it and take advantage of it. [04/08/01]
  • WebTV Sued, Readers Respond
    WebTV users are very concerned over the lawsuit filed by the the Radtkes. Some are in favor, while others express reservations or outright rejection of the idea. [04/08/01]
  • Tripod On the Outs With WebTVers
    Tripod is winning no friends and making plenty of enemies with its recent "accidental sweep" for TOS violations, and for a new security measures that are making WebTVers look closely. [04/08/01]
  • Mailbag: Scanners, RCA, and Eating Dog
    Our mailbag is always a scary and wonderous thing. This time is no exception with tips on resetting your WebTV, concern over some Asian dietary habbits, RCA's WebTV, and the HP e-Scanner. [04/08/01]
  • Tripodial Turmoil, Pt. 1
    Our readers tell us of their sites being removed and the delay in getting them recovered. [03/25/01]
  • Tripodial Turmoil, Pt. 2
    Our readers tell us about being home(page)less at Tripod. [03/25/01]
  • Tripodial Turmoil, Pt. 3
    Our readers tell us about the homepage that was here a week ago, gone yesterday, and still gone today. [03/25/01]
VoxPop Columns
  • No Dimes for You
    Ron Janiec thinks that on the Web, survival of the fittest will cull the advertising seeking herd, so there's no need to pay for content. [03/25/01]
  • Don't Nickel and Dime Me
    Thalan says there may be no going back. People are too used to going where they please. Besides if you paid a dime everywhere you went, it'd add up to real money. [03/25/01]
  • A Dime's a Bargain if You Like It
    HobbyGal thinks that paying a dime for content you like would be work, if the content is worthwhile. [03/25/01]
  • Online Has Changed Me By Calming My Panic
    There's nothing to fear but fear itself, especially if you suffer from a panic disorder. The 'net helps Lynne through hers. [03/25/01]
  • The Net Has Given Me Support
    Amy shares how the 'net helped keep her connected with the world outside her home and lent her support. [03/25/01]
  • The Net Has Its Ups and Downs
    Glenn tells us how the internet has benefitted him with information and communication. [03/25/01]
  • Finding Family on the 'Net
    PinkAngel-701 uses her WebTV to find family on the 'Net. [03/25/01]

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